Monday, June 7, 2010

Fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly...

...I've gotta love good food 'til I die. Can't help, loving that meal of mine

Ok, so obviously I'm feeling a bit dramatic today, hence the Show Boat reference. (Click here for the real version) The point being, I had fish for dinner.

I came home after job hunting looking for something delicious, quick and simple to make, and yes, this fit that criteria. My dad was having chicken sausage and decided to sautée some onions and mushroom on the side. I took what was left, added a bit more olive oil and sea salt to brown them up, plus a little freshly crushed garlic, and cooked a salmon steak right in the same pan. I steamed some frozen veggies in the microwave and heated up some brown rice to round off the meal.

Steamed veggies and brown rice, you might be asking, how can that be delicious? With only a few additions (calorie free additions, I might add), it is totally possible. I added a little sea salt to both side dishes, plus some Mrs. Dash and juice squeezed directly from the lemon to the veggies. To the rice I added a shake of garlic powder, and violà!

Adding to the simple joy of this quick dinner is the fact that the weather is so beautiful, I was able to eat it while enjoying a sweet spring breeze through my open window.

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